3 tips to really start your online business

Published Date: Nov 22, 2018

Now you had your web store set, there're 3 questions you had to ask yourself to really start your online business:

1, What to sell?  - Product

2, How to generate traffic?  -Marketing strategy

3, How to boost sales? - Yes, the result can be 100s times different about the same products.


What could you do:

You might think about to check Platform like Wish,  Aliexpress, Amazon to see the hot sell products.

The problem is:


*Most of your competitors do the same way.

*So you'll have a lot of competitors and your marketing budget should be high due to competition.

*And if you're new to the marketing, you'll also lose money on poor ad & landing page design.

That means you have a good chance to fail & quit.



Here is the Onlineadspyer strategy:  search  facebook ad creatives in your niche market or under a certain topic, learn from the 

                                                    best about their strategy to generate traffic.

1,Enter Keyword in your niche to search relevant ad copy

2, Ranking results by social proof

3, Find the winning ad, check copy-writing and ad creative

4, Check the landing page design to get inspired

In this way, you can easily find 100s more products every day which had a really nice growth trend on social ad platform. (by add time filter like ad released in the last x days)

You don't have to reinvent the wheel to test for viral products or ad copy or landing page design that could drive sales. Just hop onto the wave that others created to grow your business.


Now look at the 2 ad creative for the same product: mood ring, and tell me what's the difference of their social proof?


One thing for sure is that the winner generate 100s times of traffic which also means 100s times of sales(left one).

We hear a lot of masters and guru asking us to do endless ad testing including the test for ad creative. This could take a lot of time and money.

With the help of Onlineadspyer's big data, now we can easily find ad creatives under a topic and filter them by the social proof you need(likes, comments, shares, etc.)


You can always learn from the best and winners to inspire yourself for your own product and service, and it really works.